Welcome to my site!

My name is Veronica, I am fun, outgoing and loving, although I was not like this growing up. Growing up for me had it’s up and down’s. My childhood started off good but slowly went down hill when I was about twelve years old. My parents separated and I started getting into trouble. I did not make the best choices in life and after I got pregnant and had my son at 20 very little things changed. I knew deep down inside of me that there must be a way out but I did nothing about it. It wasn’t until my last relationship that opened my eyes. I thought I found the love of my life but it turned out to be the biggest lesson I would learn in life when it came to a lot of different things. When my relationship ended I spent a good year trying to come to terms with the fact that he broke my heart into pieces and why I kept attracting these type of men into my life.

Since then I have learned new ways to live a better Enhanced lifestyle. I have learned plenty and continue to learn for my life to have changed so much in less than two years. I would love to pass on my knowledge and help you on your journey as well. I have a teenage son that I have implemented these teachings on in which you will see. I am here to help, guide and answer any questions you may have. You can also follow me on my social media platforms below by clicking on the links below.