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Perry H. Wilson, Creator

After many days of varying swings in mood and motivation, I have come to believe in the tremendous potential in intentionally focusing the mind on positive, motivating concepts, ideas, and creative projects.

As ideas form the food of your mind, what you put in correlates with what you get out. In essence, a large part of the quality of your day is in your control- if you consciously feed yourself with appropriate cognitive inputs, ideally early in the day. The rest of the control of the day’s quality lies in guarding one’s mind from the external and internal barrages of negative and destructive forces that exist among and within us all.

This site’s mission is to provide exceptionally high-quality input for the mental consumption of all- to improve our collective situation on this beautiful planet.

Bonus DPF for you
Sometimes one attaches oneself to things and people that no longer are helpful, or are trying to move on naturally. Resist the instinct to latch on to such elements in your life, and let them go. If they are indeed important, you will meet them again along the way.

The only way to clearly and fully understand what you see and hear, is to look and listen with an open mind, free of judgement or appraisal. – Me


I am motivated to inspire and motivate you. No incentive is needed for that.

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