Your source for life-enhancing inspiration, music, games, and enlightened agriculture

My mission is to enhance the lives of all beings through my actions and my creations.

Daily Positive Focus

My Daily Positive Focus blog serves as a seed bank of ideas to enhance my own life, as well as any who seek a more positive direction. These ideas may “blow away” with time, or they may find fertile ground and sprout. My attempt at sharing the ideas is an attempt to seed them at the conscious and subconscious level in the minds of all who encounter them.

Enlightened Agriculure

My Enlightened agriculture page is my unique approach to farming/gardening, which takes Permaculture and no-till/no-dig philosophy and adds Buddhist non-harming principles as well as other unique creative approaches to create a sustainable and innovative approach to growing personal and surplus food while also enriching the community with beauty and high-quality access to organic, ultra-fresh produce

Education Games and Songs

Mostly for learning English either by native speakers who are learning to read or describe objects, or by foreign learners (ESL/EFL).


My music is mostly instrumental, and aimed to be universally appealing, in the way that some somgs of Enya, Chopin, and Coldplay seem to appeal to all humans. I am an amateur drummer/percussionist, but I also play acoustic guitar and the piano. My approach is to be as authentic to my inner self as possible, without reiterating music from my environment by creating a unique sound which is soothing, alleviating, and enhances the lives of others. I will perform as a street performer in the near future, with my songs soon to be available for download here.

Goodies Shop

Here you can find my goods, from my music, games, and other creations.