DPF #5- 2/22/21- People Have Inherent Value

People are valuable. They are not objects, to be used for others’ gain, pleasure, or profit. People possess inherent value, at a base level- before vocation, education, specialization, or societal contribution are considered. Once we can drop the judgement on our fellow humans, we will be able to see our present reality for what it is- and how perverted we have become- particularly in regards to how we see each other. The media, the internet, TV, organized religion, politics, schools, our upbringing, and ourselves- we all have a part of the blame. Take a fresh look around you. We are all beings, with our own hopes, goals, pain, suffering, challenges and aspirations for this life.

Try to imagine a world where people are not pawns to be used in others’ games of pleasure, desire, profit maximization, self-aggrandizement, and other objectifying aims.

A world where employees become partners in a venture, rather than exploited slaves to another.

A world where students study to learn how to realize their self-actualization for the benefit of all in society rather than for personal profit or to learn a skill that will profit another.

A world where the unemployed would not be looked down on, but helped and supported to find their path.

A world free of pressure to find one’s calling, and to exist in the way that best suits them at that point in their journey.

That imaginary world could be ours. We simply need to look at each other in a different light.

Your challenge today is this- Look at each person you encounter as if it were yourself in a different form. Do not objectify them, or try and get anything from them, socialization or otherwise. Just respect them for who they are.

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