DPF #22- 3/12/21- Get in Touch with your Shadow

Carl Jung had a fascinating concept called the shadow– unaware elements of one’s personality that remain hidden “in the dark” so to speak for one reason or other, which left in in the unconscious arena, can unknowingly influence one’s path in life or relationships with others. By bringing these elements out of the dark, and into the light, one may merge with these unexpressed parts of self, and become whole. My understanding of this is to date, very limited, and exploring it in more detail may prove to be a rabbit hole from which I can not emerge. To me, my shadow are those parts of myself which I dropped along the wayside somewhere while growing up or in reconciling myself with the flawed society that I encountered (on three continents so far). My idealism, my musical nature,writing expression, art and creativity in general, my deep sadness and internal pain, my love of animals and nature, and my spiritual nature- these are all parts of my shadow which I am in the process of reincorporating with my present self. There are some other as-of-yet-unknown parts to which have yet to be made known, but I have confidence that by continuing writing and meditating and searching for my whole self, that I will inevitably get closer to that goal even if never fully attained- although my idealistic self holds out for that as well.

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