DPF #27- March 17 -The Only Way to be Kind and Respectful Towards Others Starts with Being Kind and Respectful Towards Yourself

To be genuinely kind and respectful to others, as many people try to be, one should start by being truly kind and respectful to oneself. That is not exactly easy to do, as many people punish themselves for things that they have done, even things they have merely thought/considered. Then there is the pain and suffering that we endure and inflict on each other and which we from then on carry around inside as a scar, guilt, or shame. How can anyone really be kind to others when they treat themselves so horribly?

It all starts with you, as self-centered as that sounds- it is true. Once you truly respect yourself with love and kindness, something amazing happens. A sun is born within, and that respect, love, and kindness has no choice but to emanate outwards, to others. So don’t concern yourself with trying to be good to others- focus on being good to yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

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