DPF #32- March 22- Treat Yourself Well Today

Today is my birthday, and with it, comes all of the standard deep thoughts about age, aging, life, and death. It is a great chance for anyone to pamper themselves a bit, treat yourself to a special experience that you will appreciate deeply. By all means think all of those deep thoughts, but do it while enjoying and experiencing your day and today’s life to the fullest- that way you won’t get bogged down by the heaviness of it all

If your birthday brings you down, then consider why…. Are you clinging to your fading youth, or stressed about getting closer to the end of your life? Accept and love who you are right now, and those bad feelings will float away. If you feel that you are not satisfied with your life, then by all means, do something about it! Use that feeling for inspiration to improve yourself, your habits, your environment, your relationships, your work, how you spend your time, or how you treat yourself and others.

Lastly, treat every single day from now on special, just as you treat your birthday. One does not know how many days one has left, so be grateful for today, and do your best to fill it up with useful, beneficial, satisfying and positive action.

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