DPF #34- March 24- Rise in the Morning with the Day`s MIT (Most Important Task) Ready to Go

Either the night before, or as soon as you wake up and get your head straight, make some time to do one thing that can streamline the rest of your day, in terms of effectiveness- determine and write down the task that will reap the greatest dividends towards your short and long-term plans and goals.

Once you have highlighted the day’s most important task, you will see what preparatory steps or follow through that you may need to accomplish it. It will form the structure of your day, as it is the “big rock” in the jar that needs to be placed first. (Please excuse the Steven Covey reference)

The extra benefit is that once you can see what you need to do today, and eventually accomplishing it, you will open up previously locked doors that will speed up the realization of your plans and dreams. You may even hiave time for a second or third round of this in one day, if you have the energy and time available, as each task adds momentum and preparation for the next.

I give credit to Jim Kwik (Kwik Brain) for this concept, but I am taking my own spin on it here. Don’t do this casually, how you spend your most focused, meaningful time of the day should be in the action that will yield the most results for the time spent. While you may prefer to do another task, it may be better done another day, as there may be a different task that is more urgent.

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