DPF #39- March 29- Exist Mentally in the Present to be Kind to Self

When one’s mind is free, one can consciously or unconsciously begin to reminisce about the past, with all the baggage that brings- pleasant and unpleasant. Alternatively, one can begin to focus on some event located in the future and anticipate and/or worry about the event, with all the emotions that brings, pleasant and unpleasant. Or you can choose to exist where you are right now, in the present, the only place where you can actually control your response to the environment.

It may be tempting to wander down memory lane, or look at next month”s days off, but suffering is what awaits you at the end of those roads. The present is where your head and heart are best at controlling your state of mind. Peace and bliss exist now, and nowhere else.

Be kind to yourself the next time you catch yourself caught in regret, nostalgia, anticipation, or anxiety. Be kind by pulling yourself back where you belong- in the here and now, the only place you can get a grip on what your mind is doing up there.

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