DPF #49- April 8- Your Family, Company, and Town are Systems

Systems thinking, thanks to W. Edwards Deming, can be an extremely enlightening way to view your standard associations in a new and creative light. Consider your family, your company where you work, and your town as systems. In a well-designed and well-functioning system, all the parts work together to form a synergy that exceeds the output of any single part can accomplish on its own. There is no productive competition within a system, rather cooperation fuels efficiency and effectiveness. There should be no winners or losers within a family or company. All should be part of the system, where all benefit from enhancement of the overall productivity.

This is paraphrased from Deming’s book, The New Economics, and the status quo is far away from this ideal. We can and should be pushing towards this view, or at least be able to see things in this manner for clarity and perspective when things are awry.

I, for one, would prefer to view the whole society as a system, and design it in such a way as there are never any winners or losers, only benefactors of a optimall- run system.

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