DPF #57- April 16- Be Super Gentle Today

I challenge you today to be super gentle with everyone and everything today. Gentle does not equal weak. Show others a strength that can exist in being ultimately gentle.

  • With everything you touch, make sure you don’t startle or cause harm.
  • With everything you say, make sure it will not be taken the wrong way, will cause no damage, and comes from a pure heart.
  • With every look, make sure your gaze is friendly, warm, and non-judgemental.
  • With every decision, make sure you consider everyone involved, and show respect to all influenced by said decision.
  • With every step you make, make sure you walk surely, strongly, and with consideration for all around you.
  • If you find yourself in a rush, and pressed for time- be extra careful that you speak and act in a respectful, considerate manner when in this state, as being pressed for time can make one unaware and inconsiderate of others as one’s own considerations take center stage.

Above all, show your best side, your most considerate, and respectful self to the world today. You might end up getting much more in return.

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