DPF #59- April 18- Unconditional Kindness and Being Ultra-Conscious

The title is my answer to the thought experiment from yesterday’s DPF #58- What is the key to securing peace?

Unconditional kindness is the ultimate antidote to any and all wrongdoings that are suffered, and , it remains Jesus’s most important teaching personally. One can accomplish this with compassion and a kindness that feels for those who harm us. Empathy can disarm your response and empower you to help them rather than return the harm that was inflicted.

Being ultra-conscious and aware is necessary to be able to do this, as a response is necessary, rather than a reaction. Being aware not only of your feelings and sensations is important, but also aware of others’ feelings, actions and causes can bring you into a level of understanding of every situation that will allow you to first evade the problem from worsening, but can open a door towards solving the issue, for the other party as well as anyone observing.

It is said that when anyone performs an act of kindness, three people benefit. The first is the person performing the act, as it improves or solidifies their self-worth and self-esteem. The recipient also benefits, from being considered and respected so much as to be the subject of an act of kindness. Anyone watching, person three, also benefits, by witnessing the act. They see proof that the world really is a nice place, and kindness does indeed exist.

I must add that turning away from society is an obvious way of achieving peace, but turning towards the pain, the tragedy, the misery, and using your force to do something about instigating positive change can bring its own level of peace as well- peace of mind that your life has meaning and your efforts are of worth and immense value, regardless of monetary rewards, praise or public acknowledgement, or their absence.

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