DPF #82- May 11- Create a Growth Period into your Day

A concentrated, focused block of time where you can learn and/or practice something connected to your future dreams can add immense value to your day.

Make it a habit of spending an amount of time dedicated to developing certain skills and improving knowledge in key areas that will accelerate your momentum towards those areas that you wish to gravitate. In effect, you will be making your own gravity.

Making it a habit creates its own momentum, and thus requires very little energy to initiate once the habit is solidified. The challenging part is creating it, and protecting it in your day until that solidification takes place.

Of course, you are welcome to create multiple blocks, and to use them for a variety of activities, not only one specific use of time/energy.

Ideas for when- right after waking, right after morning hydration (tea,coffee,lemon water, etc.), right before work, lunch break or half of it, other break times, right after work, right before dinner, right after dinner, right before bed. The kind of activity will determine its ideal time- as digestion tends to take blood away from the brain, so mental activities should be scheduled before or long after eating. If you can manage the sleep habits of our ancestors, by having 2 four-hour blocks of sleep separated by a 2 hour break in the middle of the night, you could do a lot then, but it requires a very early bedtime (a little after sunset-when the body is naturally winding down without electricity)

Ideas for activities that lead to growth- meditation, physical exercise, creation of any kind (writing, music composition, art, construction), studying new knowledge/skills, practicing skills, reading wisdom/philosophical/religious literature etc.

Make the habit, protect it, and you will thank me for it 5 years, 10 years from now when your life is completely different thanks to this sole change in your daily life.

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