DPF #91- May 20- Establish Control of your (Savings)

Feel free to insert noun of your choice in the parentheses:

  • Spending
  • consumption of —
  • Usage of time, physical energy
  • anger, fear, lust,

There are some part of life that are best eliminated, like debt, jealousy, envy, destructive habits, etc. but for the other elements that we must live with despite our best wishes- we must learn to establish and continually develop control over them. Things like waste, negative emotions, money, time, hunger, thirst, frustration, and stress will always be a part of our daily lives, and the best we can do is learn to minimize and control them, lest they minimize and control us.

There are also some parts which also need control but may not be a necessary part of our lives, like savings, investments, personal projects, long-term goals, or habits. These bonus features of our daily or weekly lives also need conscious supervision, and thus control, for their development and to prevent interference in other essential elements and achieve balance with them.

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