DPF #97- May 26- Are you Afraid of Success?

Are you afraid of succeeding in your current endeavors? Can you see yourself succeeding, and being happy with yourself?

If you are like I was in my previous profession (teaching English private lessons), then the answer is a yes to the first question, and a resounding NO! to the second.

If you consider why you might be afraid of success, it may help to consider that success in general should not be scary, if your purposes, beliefs, goals, and actions are aligned. If you are essentially on the wrong path, or if you are not pursuing your goals, then success would not be welcome or savored, as it would merely remind you of your errors in direction.

The reason could also be that your personality is not aligned with your profession, in which case self-understanding and acceptance are necessary to know the next steps.

The good news, is that the sooner that you can realize this, and recover your true most-beneficial direction, success will no longer be scary, it will become what it should be- exciting, motivating, and inspring to yourself and anyone who sees you in action.

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