DPF #102- June 1- Resist Others’ Attempts to Take a Piece of You- Protect, Preserve, and Maintain Your Core Self

People commonly try and “take” part of others- through objectification of some form- physical/sexual, vocational, emotional, social, etc.

A person gets road rage, and tries to use you as the target of their anger- thus objectifying you.

A boss or parent releases on you for not doing as they wish- likely they are upset at other parts of their life, and using you as a lightning rod of that angst and frustration.

A “friend” needs your ear, as they try and use you to dump their troubles on, in a therapeutic fashion.

Don’t let them take a piece of you, don’t let them use you. You are perfectly able to help them without losing a piece of yourself through their objectifying means, but it may not be what they are after. They may not want “help”, but rather a piece of you. Be mindful of this. Be helpful, but in the way that you feel matches what you can provide.

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