DPF #103- June 2- Be Strong-hearted yet Kind

The prevailing image of a kind or gentle person is sometimes a bit weak, as if their only option is to be kind or gentle- as in a rabbit.

I challenge that notion, and present an alternative- an image of a kind, yet strong-hearted individual. If fact, I believe that the only way to be genuinely kind, with strangers and family, in times of ease and difficulty, is to be extremely compassionate and strong of heart. The only way to deal with people in a compassionate, understanding, and respectful way is to deal with them with a depth of care and concern. It takes patience, energy, and heart- a lot of it.

So disregard the notion that kindness is weak- the opposite is more close to the truth. Weakness is absence of heart- absence of thought, concern, or respect for anyone besides oneself. True strength lay in an abundance of concern, respect, and love.

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