DPF #105- June 5-Remove Barriers to Body’s Natural Cravings- i.e. What the Body Needs

Remove added sugar from your diet, and the body naturally starts craving natural sugars found and completely satisfied in fruit. Artificial or processed “natural” sugar never fully satisfies- and substitute sugar, as in diet drinks, actually causes more cravings than processed sugar!

Remove alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and the body naturally craves stress relief through exercise and/or meditation.

Remove excess fortified foods, as they can dull the body’s recognition of your craving when needed system. When you are low on a specific kind of nutrient, the body can communicate what you are lacking, if this system is not clouded by reliance on chemically-fortified products like fortified cereal, milk, or bread. That being said, make sure to get what your body needs, from a natural source if possible, but the fortified way is better than not getting a specific nutrient!

Remove excess lust by improving mental health though meditation and exercise. Avoid sensual imagery wherever possible, including entertainment, commercials, posters, etc. Sensual stimulus ends up creating more craving, usually for something/someone unattainable- which makes the eventual satisfaction of said craving impossible. Instread of lust and passion, the body may only be seeking peace, and/or connection. It is really that simple. There are many much simpler ways at achieving either peace or connection than sensual means.

Free your body and mind from the barriers that hold you back from understanding what the body really wants, and needs. Only when clear can you feasibly achieve those needs and wants, on a consistent basis. That sounds like true happiness to me.

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