DPF #117- June 17- Don’t be controlled by your (insert keyword here)!

Your children, your spouse, your yard, your garden, your work, your boss, your hobby, your chemical dependency, your social expectations, your friends, your parents’ expectations, your primal instincts, your negative thoughts, the list goes on and on.

All of these could and do control people on a daily basis, until they don’t. It is up to you to exercise your control muscle by recognizing when you do not have control, and be aware of others’ attempts at taking it away from you.

There is also your own mind always ready to take control when you are not ready. It will consume you with negative thoughts, fear, regret, sadness, or anxiety if the reins of your mind are not tightly held. Internally, you are a wild horse that is in constant need of caution.

Between yourself and your environment, you have a lot towards which to be cautious. Remember who is in the driver seat of your life, and never let anyone else take the wheel.

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