DPF #118- June 18- Make Daily Progress Towards your Goals

The important word here is daily. Why is it so important to make daily progress towards one’s goals? Momentum. Even if it is insignificant, it keeps the momentum growing, and it keeps your efforts, at least some part of the day, reserved for those magical, creative actions that create something new that has never yet existed. It may be something dull, or it may be the most interesting thing you do that day, but what is important is not the quality of the experience, but the purpose and meaning of this action. The action then gives your day meaning, even if tiny in proportion to your dream. You are climbing that mountain one step at a time. Take at least one step towards those goals and dreams. One step at least, and then one more, until one day, you will reach the summit, look down, and recall all those steps that you took along the way- meaningful steps that supplied magic to your path.

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