DPF #129- June 29- Create a Motivation-Inducing Goal

I aim to accrue more followers of this blog than blog posts. As of June 29, 2021, I have 129 posts and 61 followers, so I am halfway there! That inspires me to focus on quality, rather than merely spitting out one post a day. It also gives me a target to break. I realized last night watching Olympic pre-lims, that we impose limits on ourselves, and those limits end up confining us- as is the 10- second barrier in the 100 meter dash. The top runners in Japan cannot seem to break the barrier consistently, and if they do, it is by 1-5 hundreds of a second. It would appear that that number 10 is holding them back, rather than motivating them. Make sure that whatever goal you create allows you to reach your highest potential, rather than aiming too low!

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