DPF #149- July 19- Diversify your Income, (and your Life)

Diversify various elements of your life- your income, your hobbies, your lifestyle, your connections, your diet, your mindset, your political and religious views- you name it, and diversification can help.

Why not add some new, complementary revenue streams to your income, to help make ends meet or save for the future? Create some passive income streams, acquire royalties from a creation, invest in something meaningful to you, and/or build a new business or NPO that can encompass your current or future endeavors.

Add some new, never-tried activities to your day or week, a new sport, a new musical instrument, a new language, a new club, a new game, a new kind of art, a new project, a new challenge- you get the picture.

There are worlds of interest untapped that await you in the realm of the untried. Add some of them to your life, and you will thank me for it.

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