DPF #173- August 12-Don’t Forget to Service your own Body’s Engine

What is the body’s engine? Perhaps there is more than one….the heart would certainly qualify, the brain perhaps as well… what about your intestinal tract, and your kidneys/liver which help cleanse the body along with the sweat gland system? Perhaps even your lungs- due to their cleansing of the body…

How can you service these engines? The answer would be the same for any car engine- to give them a treatment in order to enhance their functioning, prolong its life, and reduce waste of energy through efficiency of performance.

So here are my unofficial ideas for each engine:

heart- swimming, walking, jogging, hiking, and plant-based foods, playing with a child, caring for an animal, hugging

brain- berries along with Jim Kwik’s brain food list, jogging, surfing/bodyboarding, meditation

intestinal tract- plant-based foods, raw vegan if you can handle it!, lots of green leafy vegetables, and beans, beans, beans!

kidneys/liver,- alcohol free lifestyle, lots of healthy liquids, exercise, cranberry juice

skin sweat glands- sauna, hot spring, jogging,

All of these done together, will service all the engines, and provide you and your body with smooth sailing, for years to come.

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