DPF #176- August 15- Rely not on status quo and conventional approach for your guidance and solutions

If you want to achieve anything special and truly innovative, you cannot rely on the established entities for guidance, support, and solutions. They are dangerous in fact, while likely aiming to be helpful. The danger is in perpetuating what is conventional, and established- such as fumigating soil with toxic chemicals (as is the “conventional approach” with modern farming, or confining animals to cells so small they cannot move and pumping them full of antibiotics to prevent disease that the cramped environment could create.

These examples are with farming, but the reality of inhumane and harmful conventions abound in every field.

In order to be innovative, you must learn what you can from their successes, failures, and shortcomings, but you mustn’t emulate them! You must find the weaknesses in them, and build upon their shoulders, or in some cases, start back at a more fundamental stage, and build a stronger foundation upwards, capable of avoiding their pitfalls, and allowing your approach to overcome their shortcomings and limitations. Only this way are we able to truly make progress.

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