DPF #179- August 18- Find the thread which connects all of your interests

This is a self-discovery exercise. What is the common thread which weaves in, out, and through all of your interests? What is the common denominator for all of your passions, leanings, and aspirations in life?

Perhaps it is nature, solitude, (self-)discovery, adventure, security, risk, pleasure, lust, greed, envy, comparing self to others, escapism, socialization, the search for peace, competition,cooperation, meaning, purpose, the list of potential connectors goes on and on.

The thread could be a positive element, such as love or altruism, or a negative one such as greed or fear.

Discovering this thread or threads can help you to uncover what drives you subconsciously, and can bring that part of yourself into awareness, and into the conscious realm.

The answer(s) is right there, awaiting you to find it.

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