DPF #183- August 22- Create and Maintain a Positive Attitude Everywhere you Spend Time

Home, work, the line at the coffee shop, the park, the bus/subway/train, the trip to city hall, the supermarket, the car- these are all potential places where you spend time, and could focus on creating and maintaining a positive attitude.

You may find that the day is much more pleasant this way, and you might even infect some around you with a case of positivity.

I am not suggesting you are unnaturally happy, friendly, or even sociable. I am merely suggesting that instead of your default settings, you consciously push things in a positive focus within your own mind/body. This will ensure a stronger, and more resilient foundation from which to face the day, and it is much healthier on your body as well. Stress does not remain long in a positive outlook. Misery and suffering also are strangers.

By all means, do not ignore real emotional turmoil that you may be facing, or burying, for trying to evade these will only prolong your grievances. Instead, when facing trauma or extreme stress, take care of your body and give yourself time to experience, heal, and move on from the trauma. Positivity is also knowing that turmoil, and emotional/physical pain will not last forever- and the sooner that you face those unpleasant feelings, the sooner they will leave you.

Positivity in mindset can keep things in perspective, as the opposite- a negative, brooding, depressive state can shatter any grip on reality, and send one in a spiraling cascade of misery and destructive thoughts. Better to be on the side of positivity, yet one that is solidly connected to reality.

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