DPF #241- October 20- Create your Ideal Home Life

There are limitations of what we can influence in our environment. There are limitations of what you can influence in your home as well, if you live with others or near others.

Limitations aside, there is an enormous space in your home setting from which you can create an ideal living space. Throw out conventions and what your neighbors may think- create for you, and those you live with- challenge the norms, and align your wishes and the wishes of your living partners with your reality.

Some examples of my own ideal home life list (recently made, not yet completed):

  • Off the grid- no need for pipes/cables to any business/network. No electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, phone line, internet bill (not sure how to accomplish this last part…mixed feelings! Perhaps there can be an exception for internet in one room)
  • Lots of trees, animals, life.
  • Grow 100% of own food
  • Capable of supporting self with sales from surplus food
  • Enlightenment Room- Silent meditation room/space with no interruptions.
  • Roof that can open to see stars, or perhaps sleeping space on roof (during appropriate weather)
  • Garden in central area of house, which provides ventilation for house, and quiet, meditative space as well.
  • No meat, dairy, or sugar in kitchen/pantry- only healthy, non-destructive food options.
  • Completely, absolutely self-sufficient.

As with my own personal ideals and growth, the speed and completion are not as important as the direction towards these goals. Simply being aware of what is your ideal home life can start you on a path that is more aligned with your ideal self. If you live with others like I do, then perhaps you can find a way to move towards your ideal home life in a way that does not infringe on the wishes of others. Use your imagination, creativity, and empathy for others to create a home that reflects and supports your potential, and for all with whom you share a home.

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