DPF #270- November 18- Become a Joy to Live With

I chose the word become due to the fact that most of us humans, as opposed to kittens, are an absolute horror to live with.

The potential benefits of such effort range from saving a marriage on the ropes to creating your own pleasure through helping others (altruism) and showing it as one potential path to happiness to your children.

So here are my ideas for how to improve your presence in the home where you abide:

  • give unsolicited massages, feet, head, hand, shoulders, neck, you name it. It helps if you don’t ask or expect anything in return!
  • Learn how to cook something amazingly healthy and delicious. Then the more you eat, the healthier you are! (Thank you Dr. Michael Greger for that quote)
  • Keep your things put away, out of anyone’s sight.
  • Fix something that has been broken or stained for a stretch of time, or improve something that could use it. Pleasant surprises are the best kind!
  • Leave friendly (or romantic) notes to your family members on occasion.
  • Be extremely unpredictable and spontaneous. Or rather….become so…
  • Meditate twice daily- that alone will make you immeasurably comfortable to live with.
  • Exercise at least once a week, 2-3 times if possible.The benefit in mood will more than make up for the energy spent. All around you will be benefit from your effort.
  • Start a project, a painting, a model airplane, a herb garden, whatever and let others see what you are creating passively (without mentioning it).
  • Hugs!

These are my ideas, but I would love to hear yours….What am I missing here? Please write your ideas below!

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