DPF #271- November 19- See yourself from the Outside

This is technically impossible, but there are ways to get closer than you currently are at seeing yourself objectively.

Leaving your town, your country, your continent has the immense power of allowing yourself to see your own culture ever so slightly from the outside. The longer you stay outside of its influence, the more objective your view becomes, and then upon reentry, you get a massive dose of Re-entry culture shock. This shock is similar to what foreigners experience in your home country when they visit, plus a blast of your historical connection to this culture. It is a powerful experience indeed, enough to shatter your boundaries for personal growth. We are all limited somewhat by our environment, and if you can expand your access to different environments, you are in fact extending yourself in the process. I do not mean traveling, but existing in other countries. Merely traveling likely will provide a distraction, nothing more. Entertainment. I challenge you to dive deep into a culture in order to really get the most of what it has to offer you.

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