DPF #292- December 10- Crush Doubt in its Infancy

Doubt, whether self-doubt, doubt about a marriage or job, or doubt about your existence in general, can fester until it overwhelms your outlook and destroys your potential as well as your current life.

Don’t give it the air to breathe! As soon as you recognize it, squash it with awareness, a jolt of positivity, and persistence can let it pass before it has the chance to grow roots.

As a budding farmer, one concept that interests me is the idea of a niche- a space where something can thrive. When it comes to unwanted elements on a farm or in a garden, the basic idea of modern organic agriculture is to remove the conditions that are favorable to that unwanted element-whether a weed, disease, or animal, and essentially squash it potential niche to thrive in your garden/farm, whatever.

So crush doubt as if it were a weed in your garden. Don’t wait until it has a hold and has sent runners underground all through your life.

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