Become Ultra Efficient with All your Resources- DPF #366- February 23

Time, money, energy, space, waste, there are plenty of resources that you are not maximizing…. yet. Make this your goal, to become super efficient with each of your resources, one by one, until they are all at a peak state of efficiency.

How to move towards more efficiency? Awareness, study, advice, and consistency. Here are some ideas:

Always be aware of areas of waste, and look for strategies to streamline each process that you perform. Some things need extra time/money/energy for a given period, but they needn’t need more than necessary. Never sacrifice quality though!

There are some scenarios where one resource abundance makes up for a lack in another, or times when a focused use of one or more resources at the right timing may be costly (resource-wise) in the present, but can create efficiency for the future. Long-term thinking is needed.

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