Mental Exercise- If Less of Something is Better, isn’t None Best? DPF #370- February 27

If less of something is better, isn’t none best?

Here are some candidates to test this hypothesis:

  • Violence on TV
  • News in general
  • porn
  • drugs, whether prescribed or otherwise
  • sugar *(honey and maple syrup are on my exceptions list for now)
  • partisanship
  • political spin
  • censorship
  • alcohol
  • stress
  • noise
  • chemicals in food production (pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers)

Upon consideration of the above entries, they all seem to pass the eye test of my original hypothesis.

What about:

  • coffee?
  • natural, non-processed medicinals?

There is nothing left to say except to use this exercise to challenge what you expose yourself to consistently, and to remove anything that you have been trying to reduce.

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