What Energy you Engage with is up to You – DPF #395- March 24

There exists energy of various forms all around you, changing intensity and form with every moment.

Being aware of this energy inside yourself and external to you ((for the time being) can allow you to choose what you let it, what you let affect your own energy. Thus you also choose what to engage with, and affect, outside of your body.

From a young boy, I have always yearned to help those who are suffering. Seeing homeless people, the mentally deranged, the over-stressed, the poor, those in prison, abandoned children, etc. made me feel alive somehow, like I was aligned with who I was more when I thought of them, and attempted to help them.

More and more, I with to choose to let their suffering in, in order to help them. I choose to feel their pain, in order to take some of it away from them. Hopefully, the chance to do just that will reveal itself to me.

More than anything is my wish to help those suffering to attain lasting peace.

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