Becoming Beneficially Influential to your Surroundings is like Pushing a Car Downhill – DPF #446

Pushing a car downhill is hard….. at first, but once it gets going, it takes on an energy of its own, and then you are unable to stop it.

Being beneficial, in terms of your energy and your actions, is similarly difficult… first. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to generate a positive charge to those around you, but once it becomes your standard operating procedure, you will not only find it easy, but those around you will actually help maintain and amplify this energy, as the car does as it goes downhill. The energy it takes to start the process is the majority of the effort. Keep it up, on a consistent basis, and you will be able to use less and less energy to accomplish the same result over time- that is the power of habit. Make sure that you use this power wisely, to better your surroundings, not merely yourself.

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