Listen Carefully to your Body – DPF #491

Listen to your body. You can learn to listen more carefully and precisely with mindfulness, yoga, and/or Vipassana meditation training. What can you learn?

I learned that I keep a lot of trauma, stress, past issues buried deep in my muscles, particularly my neck, shoulders, and lower back- where stress tends to collect.

Listening to your body, and learning how to be equanimous, or objective in your regard towards the pain, and pleasure, of sensations can lead the way to attaining a deep state of peace and happiness regardless of how treacherous your surroundings may be.

So, listen to your body, it has a lot to tell you, if you are ready to listen.

It is my hope that each time that I release an old pain (how I like to call them), I become that much lighter, freer, and at a deeper level of peace and that much closer to my best self.

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