Be Strict on Taking Action Towards your Goals, Resist Post-Goal Complacency – DPF #524

Sometimes making a goal, writing it down, and/or sharing it can feel like progress. In a sense, it is- it is a birth of a new idea. How would you handle a newborn baby? You would not let it out of your sight, you would nurture it, care for it, and assist its development until it could thrive without you.

You should take the same approach when you make a goal- it is your baby to nurture and care for. Without your consistent effort, it will not grow and develop into what you hoped it would be.

I have found that planning or goal-setting itself can instill a sense of satisfaction- so much that you feel inclined to reward yourself by turning back to some unproductive and consciousness-sapping activity. Resist this potential pit in which I myself have fallen many times, and start acting on that goal, on that plan, on that dream that is in its infancy. Pick it up, nurture it, and enjoy the process of realizing it, which will take you to new heights.

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