What will Break the Ceiling? – DPF #527

Perhaps it is something you need to study or learn, or maybe it is eliminating wasted time or energy. Perhaps there is a machine or tool that would do the trick. Perhaps you need a long walk to clear your head, or advice from a trusted source.

Something can break your current ceiling which is keeping you where you are. In order to push through the limits of your current situation, you must find what is holding you where you are, and/or find what can get you through those limits in which you currently are confined- whether with information, a new perspective, tools, experience, know-how, or clarity of thought.

Personally, studying how to design a new card game and board game and developing this website are first on my list of ceiling-busting actions. Also on the longer-term list

  • high quality reading of non-fiction self-development,
  • a second deep meditation session during the pm,
  • study and experimenting with no-till farming
  • plant-based cooking
  • music self-recording
  • Music composition

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