Add on to your Existing Routines- DPF #533

This is the easiest way to add a new routine/habit into your day- merely add something onto an existing routine.

For example, I have been stretching every am after waking up and every pm after the bath for a few months, so that routine was established.

Then, I began planking at the end of the stretch session, twice a day. I then added some crunches, leg lifts, bicycle crunches, and a couple yoga poses to boot.

Several weeks later, my back pain troubles are almost history, and it is all thanks to the original stretch routine that provided the foundation for all those gains. I never would have been able to start doing so many ab/back exercises regularly, much less twice a day!

Add on for the easy win.The miracle of compounding will do the rest.

What could you add on to an existing routine that would dramatically improve the quality of your life? What would allow you to realize a long-held dream (pain-free back)?

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