Don’t Allow Fear to Prevent your Movement Towards a Desired Direction- DPF #541

Fear can paralyze. It works its most effectively in darkness, without awareness of its power. Fear can cause one to act in a cowardly way, or prevent bold action through its subconscious influence. Some even are aware of fear, and are unable to resist its hold over their lives- such as in trauma that makes one stuck in the past. Fear leads to avoidance behavior- the opposite of what we all should do, which is approach our problems, our struggles head on. Fear makes things seem bigger than they actually are, and makes us feel weaker than we actually are.

I have only recently begun to understand how locked by fear I have been throughout my life, and I am ready to shed this avoidance-oriented part of myself. I am ready to face my troubles with boldness and courage- in the face of fear.

I choose to become ever more aware of fear when it begins to try and prevent me from moving forwards. Like my shame, guilt, regret, and anger- I am aware of its danger to my being, to my future, and I choose to eliminate it entirely.

Do not let fear prevent you towards your desired direction- wake up to its potential hold over you, and train yourself to withstand it- and rise in your level of consciousness. Some animals may live in a perpetual state of fear, and some humans do as well, but you have the power to rise above the fear, rise above the attempts to paralyze your forward movement into the unknown. The unknown is full of new and interesting experiences- nothing to be fearful of except decay through inaction.

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