Create a “Point of No Return” in the Direction of your Dreams – DPF #551 (Benjamin Hardy Appreciation Month)

A “point of no return” is a commitment, financial or otherwise, in which one makes an investment of some sort which essentially commits oneself to a desired future outcome. It is a decision which has no possibility of withdrawal or return, and the effect is that one is pulled towards this future desired outcome rather than being pulled by trauma from the past or fears and anxiety of an imagined future.

It essentially commits one to a designed future over a default future (what one believes will inevitably occur) which is what takes one’s desired future’s place in the absence of awareness and action.

One example is buying a plane ticket to a future event that you are hesitant to attend, such as a seminar that would benefit your career but which you are terrified to attend.

How can you create such a “Point of No Return”? Perhaps with a financial investment, or a similar investment of your other resources. Perhaps it is making a public announcement/declaration of your goal. Regardless of the specifics, the result is that you are eliminating alternative options from your future by committing to this path, and that will free you up to find the best, fastest, most direct method to achieving it- rather than using energy towards targets outside of this path, or worse spending energy avoiding what you really want.

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