What is Today’s Finish Line? -DPF #561

Do you have a finish line for today? A finish line, is merely the point in which you have achieved all that you wanted, or planned to do today. Perhaps you adjusted your finish line mid-way, added to or took away from what you thought you should/could do, or perhaps you had no plan at all and instead chose to focus on recovering from a hard push earlier in the week.

With a finish line, you can rate your progress towards your goals. With a finish line, you know if you succeeded today or not. You can see where you came up short and need to revisit your process,attitude, or commitment.

Without a finish line, you will essentially be aimlessly running around in circles, and if you know about what happens when hiking in nature without a point of reference- one inevitably creates loops in large circles despite best intentions to go straight.

What is your finish line for today? For the week? For the month? For this quarter? For this year? For your life?

This post was inspired by Benjamin Hardy’s Be Your Future Self podcast.

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