Attain the Best of All Possible Worlds- DPF #573

Different lifestyles have their own advantages and disadvantages.

A monk’s lifestyle has always allured me- the vow of silence, the deep meditation, the growing of own food, the work to help others, the simple, relaxing clothing, the clean and no-nonsense appearance, the rigid schedule, the work on the inner self, the cleansing of the soul, the spiritual study.

Likewise, the family/householder lifestyle also has its allure- spending time/playing with children, being affectionate and showing love, teaching wisdom and sharing one’s successes/failures each day, returning to the youthful mind through contact with children, nurturing and consoling others when in need.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the best of both worlds? All the benefits of a monastic life with all the good of the secular life as well?

Of course it is a mixed bag- secular life has its own ills as does a purely monastic life- but I aim to take the best of both, minimize the ills, and create a spiritually-rich family life that allows my growth towards a deep level of peace and love for all.

There are other worlds as well- the world of business, of farming, of nature, of travel, of adventure, etc which I hope to include in my lifestyle. I aim to find the best elements of them all, and add them with extreme caution to prevent the negative from entering as well.

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