Any Step towards Self-sufficiency is also Altruistic – DPF #574

This is paradoxical- as becoming more self-sufficient requires a focus on self, but becoming self-sufficient in any area relieves pressure from your surroundings, which is altruistic by considering and working for others by reducing your dependency on them.

How can you become more self-sufficient?

  • financially, with better planning, saving, and earning
  • socially, by becoming less needy, and more connected to self.
  • emotionally, by becoming more resilient and physically healthy.

Perhaps we have all seen the sad situation where a parent is dependent on thier child in some need- emotional, financial, or other way. It is a tragedy to see such dependence on one’s own offspring.

I believe that societies and communities should be connected and helpful to all its members, and the best way to do that as an individual is to be as self-sufficient as possible, in order to provide surplus resources, compassion, time, energy, essentially anything and everything to those in your surroundings.

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